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Dream Killer Or Dream Fulfiller ? That Is The Question !

A few months ago during a meditation I received a very strong and simple message “ Allow the miracles to happen.” A lovely message I thought but how does one do that exactly ? After contemplating this question for a few hours and letting it marinate, I decided to answer my question with another question - How am I keeping miracles from happening ? Ahhhh that is the question !!

Let me tell you the answer was not easy to find. I was left doing a fearless self inventory of my belief in myself and was forced to acknowledge some not so obvious self sabotaging behaviour.

One habit that definitely needed to be dismantled was believing I had to have every possible outcome figured out, which took my initially super inspired heart driven idea and shoved it into my over analytical nay saying mind . Basically I had become a master on how to kill a dream before it even started.

Another rather harsh realization was that I really needed to start believing that I deserved amazing things to happen in my life. To quote Gurmukh “ Be the person you are before getting stopped by thoughts that tell you what you aren’t “

I find one very easy way to overcome this “dream killing“ process is to bring as much playful energy as possible into what ever I want to try. Breaking everything down into small fun, doable steps. If there is a step that feels dreadful in any way, I quickly break it down into smaller less intimidating steps and voila , lightness and joy return.

The more we attempt to work toward goals that may seem impossible or crazy, the more confidence we gain in ourselves and the more adventurous and enjoyable our lives become. It is not about the result, its about how amazing we feel when we try. Our souls love to play and there is nothing to gain from taking ourselves too seriously especially when it comes to creating something new and wonderful !!

So write that dream down, pick one small step that you can take towards that dream and tomorrow do it again and the next day again and again and I promise , magic will appear in your life and it will feel amazing.

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