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How To Win A Pretend Argument

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Do you ever have imaginary arguments with people in your mind? You are telling them what to do and how to do it or maybe you are rehashing a fight you had a few weeks ago or even years ago? I am guilty of this madness, and yes I believe it is madness. Thinking about how angry you are at someones behaviour and really letting them have it in your mind, can almost feel like you are being proactive, but in reality it is a complete waste of energy.

This is just one small, example of how the mind can pull us out of the magic that is the present moment.

We have all heard hundreds of times, just stay in the moment, but as I'm sure you know this is much easier said than done. The more we delve into the past the stronger our past story becomes, the more embellished it becomes and the stronger its hold on us becomes.

In truth your past doesn't exist.

( you may want to take a sec and really let that sink in, even after writing it I had to take a second..phew )

To be completely present is pure freedom !! to feel each step as you walk, to feel your finger tips on the keyboard as you type, to hear the rain hit your window, to feel your clothes on your skin, your breath entering and leaving your body, the warmth of your coffee on your tongue. The present moment is dynamic and so delicious.

When we are completely present the past and future are like dreams. In the present, inspiration flows, the soul’s voice can be heard and the mind begins to quiet.

When we are able to surrender to each moment, no matter how beautiful or uncomfortable, we are powerful with the knowledge of impermanence. Moments become like a river and you are the mountain the river runs past. It is beautiful.

Here is what I have found to be a very simple technique that you can do anytime anywhere to become present. ( I sometimes do this up to 20 or more times a day )

Simply become aware of the soles of your feet, I have found this instantly pulls the focus into the body and out of the mind. Once you feel your feet take a few breaths, see you if you can sense the coolness of the air entering your lungs. It is these lovely, subtle details we miss when we are distracted thinking about things that have already happened or haven’t happened yet.

Even writing about being present in this moment is making me more aware of my body, I can feel my heart beat, I can feel the blood moving in my body and I am in this moment empowered. Woot woot !!

May you have a wonderful week full of dynamic, magical and inspired moments !

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