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How Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Ever wonder why music can be so deeply moving and powerful? The tears and goosebumps we experience when listening to music comes from the vibrational frequency of the notes we hear.

Everything, and I mean everything has a vibrational frequency. From the chairs you sit on to the organs in your body, tress, flowers and even the buildings on the street.

You have your own unique frequency and the vibration of that frequency is affected by your environment, thoughts, words and people you are surrounded by. When you are depressed and sad the lower and slower your vibrational frequency is. The happier and lighter you feel, you guessed it, the higher your vibration. The good news is once you establish a consistent, high frequency, the less it is affected by outside influence.

It has been discovered by scientists that an enlightened person has a vibrational frequency of approximately 700 HZ !! ( HZ = how many waves a frequency vibrates per second ) How are researchers and scientists able to read vibrational frequency ? They use a device called an EEG to record electrical activity in the brain and heart.

So if you are affected by the frequencies around you then your vibration also affects your surroundings and the people in it. If the kind of vibe you emit is important to you then here are a few tips on how to emit a high quality frequency.

1. Creativity - Doesn’t matter what kind just create !! Our creativity is how our soul communicates with us.

2. Meditation - Even 5-10 minutes of just feeling your body and paying attention to your breathing can make a difference.

3. Move your body - Dance, exercise, yoga, tumble, whatever gets you going.

4. Nature - Get outside, sit on the beach, lean against a tree, go hiking !

5. Gratitude - Appreciation is key.

These are just a few of the many ways to keep your vibe nice and high. Your vibration is your responsibility and when you truly pay attention to how you influence what is around you, you become a supreme player in the dance of life.

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