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Why is this Blog post so scary ?

I have a terrible habit of trying to anticipate and solve every possible problem that may or may not occur before I begin a new project.

As I write this It feels like a tug of war between my mind and heart. My mind says " you can't do this, you don't know the first thing about blogs. No one has ever read your writing, how do you know you are any good ? "... blah blah blah. My heart says "relax, just breathe and begin. It's ok to make mistakes. You don't have to have all the answers, just write your truth and the rest will come." Wow what a difference !! I don't know about you but I much prefer the gentle supportive voice of the heart. The voice of the heart gives us strength to step out of fear and welcome challenges. The heart knows that even if we make mistakes we will be ok because the heart isn’t centred in ego, it pays no attention to our irrational, fear based, limiting thoughts.

Over the years I have studied and practiced many techniques to get out of my busy negative mind and into my chill supportive heart. I have found the simplest and most effective is to simply focus on my heart beating. It is said that just focusing on the heart increases its radiance. With my heart at the centre of my identity ( even for a moment ) my ego becomes a resource instead of a petulant, bossy child.

So as I embark on this Space for Light journey my goal is to have fun and remain as heart centred as possible while doing it.

And just like that I finished my first ever Blog Post !! Hopefully this will inspire you to begin something your mind has told you is hard and scary, like the lady in this pic doing a tree pose the edge of a cliff .. ha ha

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