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You want me to stimulate my what ?

When we see someone is stressed or anxious the first thing we usually say is take a deep breath. Have you ever asked yourself why deep breathing works so well ?

The Vagus nerve is second largest in the body next to the spinal cord, originating deep within the brain and ending at the pelvic floor. When we breathe deeply and slowly into the belly we stimulate special nerve cells ( baroreceptors ) that signal our vagus nerve to lower our blood pressure. This is just the beginning of how amazing this nerve is ; breathing, blood pressure, sexual response, heart rate and the release of anti-stress hormones are examples of functions regulated when we stimulate the Vagus nerve.

Ancient yogis referred to the vagus nerve as the “central tuning string of the body,” When the vagus nerve is out of tune, then the rest of the body falls into a state of disarray.

Another simple technique that actively tones this amazing nerve nerve is simply breathing in and out of our left nostril. Doing this stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system which is directly connected to our vagus nerve. When we have improved vagal tonality we may lessen depression and potentially help prevent and relieve stress-induced illnesses.

So my friends, breathe deeply and gently as many times a day as possible and improve not only your mood but the entire “tone” of your body.

For more info on the Vagus Nerve please check out this amazing article

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